The Arabic name “Athoor Al Alam” means “Fragrance World”. The brand aspires to take the Contemporary Arabic Opulence to the larger world through its distinctive, intimate and indulgent Fragrances that are performance oriented and also value for money.

Brand Inception

The inception of Athoor Al Alam in the year 2015 was with the core idea to make indulgent exquisite Arabic fragrances accessible to the larger world. Historically, the Arabic world has a very distinctive preference when it comes to fragrances. As the world become smaller, more culturally diverse, globally people have started to embrace and appreciate the Arabic style of perfumery. Also, a larger segment of people have started adopting a blended style of fragrances which seamlessly captures the exquisite freshness of French perfumery and the boldness of Arabic perfumes. The brand Athoor Al Alam acknowledges such global shift in trends and encapsulates the very essence of both Arabic and French fragrances, like a symphony of a carefully and beautifully orchestrated music.

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