With an astounding portfolio of 5000+ products across 3 Brands, Fragrance World is a leading manufacturer and distributor of everything fragrance, around the globe. We channel our continuous and rigorous effort towards updating and expanding this portfolio, with a seamless blend of exemplary perfumery skills, futuristic technology, global trends and human emotions.

Fragrance World
The purpose of Fragrance World is to evoke powerful emotions and transport individuals to different moods, places and memories through its fragrances.
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French Avenue
French Avenue celebrates the modern youth, their active social life and multicultural exposure. The brand is all about creating exciting and spirited fragrance experiences through niche blends of premium quality ingredients and ultra-modern technology.
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Athoor Al Alam
The Arabic name “Athoor Al Alam” means “Fragrance World”. The brand aspires to take the Contemporary Arabic Opulence to the larger world through its distinctive, intimate and indulgent Fragrances that are performance oriented and also value for money.
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